Best Live Aquarium Plants

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Want to See a Hot Girl Cleaning a Fish Tank or Aquarium? Me too!

All of that stuff us men typically love: young women that are generously endowed in their cup size along with our favorite hobby - aquariums. Nothing could be sweeter.

Besides the big boobs there are some awesome things to learn here from this hot chick.

  1. Gravel Vacuum Cleaners are Essential 

    These things are cheap, last years and are really easy to use. Instead of sucking through the siphoning tube like you've been taught, place it upside down in the tank. When it begins to fill with water bring it out of the water. When it reaches the bottom of its cylinder put it right back in the tank. As long as you are siphoning to a bucket at a lower level it will work just fine.

  2. Do NOT use a Pot and Pan Scrubber

    Anything used in the kitchen like steel wool or other dish scrubbers are going to be far to tough on the glass and are likely to actually scratch it or damage it. The best bet is your tooth brush. Choose a brand new one that has never been used.
  3. Do NOT Change More than 10% of the Water

    This is a common mistake. People think it is best to change a lot of the water at a time or a majority of it. If your tank has been sitting for a few weeks it is an ecosystem. It has developed beneficial bacteria and nutrients for both your plants and fish. Changing too much water could shock the fish and damage their ecosystem. If you have more than 40 gallons, aim to only change 5% at a time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Building a Psychedelic Tank Plastic Plants

Psychedelic fish tank? If you are going to go with plastic plants this is a really cool way to do it! I would have added a few more or traded out the plain green plants in the foreground but those on the outside each have an incredible look to them!

Match Your LED Lights with the Gravel

If you are looking to pull off this look it is important to match the gravel color with the color of the LED light. Blue is a great option but you could do purple, pink, yellow or green. The LED will probably have a color that is not necessarily one color. To take advantage of that, choose a gravel mix that is one color lighter and one darker but both the same shade, like in this photo.

Pick Obnoxious Plants and Decor

You cannot try to pull off a realistic look with natural accent rocks and wood, with the addition of crazy color plants! Hot pink gravel will look awful with driftwood and live plants! If you are going with the psychedelic look, stick to it.

Instead of going with driftwood or natural rocks consider an art deco piece that is transparent and cube-like. Also consider keeping the region plain and simple with only the funky colors. If you are putting in rocks, look for those that are painted and with a glitter dust.

Use it as a Fish and Plant Incubator 

The perfect place to have your incubator is in this really cool looking tank! By having nothing organic or natural, you give yourself the opportunity to have a really fun looking acquarium that can be used while you are healing damaged plants or fish.

You could also use this as a breeding tank for snails, shrimp and even live plants. You could substitute the fake crazy plants and just load it up with live plants that grow like crazy. It could be an easy way to hang onto a bunch that you could later sell for a profit.