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Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's the Difference between Fluval Shrimp Stratum and Fluval Plant Stratum

Fluval is one of the leading brands in aquariums and accessories. They are a step above what you can find in a typical big box store and their substrate is no exception. When putting together a fish tank though, we have to wonder what is the difference between Fluval Shrimp Stratum and Fluval Plant Stratum.

Where the Confusion Comes From

It might seem quite obvious that these are two different substrates intended for two very different fish tanks; one for cherry shrimp and the other for growing live plants. However, it is not that easy.

After purchasing both bags of substrate many have discussed disappointment because they are unable to tell the difference. This is not only a problem of ingrediants but utlimately what they are designed to do. Many have said both work for live plant tanks and both work just fine for cherry shrimp tanks.

What's the Difference between the Two Aqua Soils?

I have called Fluval several times in an attempt to get the story straight. Sales associates are much more difficult at relaying information than customer service is. After badgering for several minutes about what the difference is, several employees openly admitted that there is no difference. Or at least that's what they believe.

The handful of customer service representatives at Fluval told me that the only difference is in the size of the substrate and that Fluval is not trying to be deceptive at all.

The Plant Stratum is designed for plants because it is a of a larger composition. It is supposed to do a better job of holding them in place and preventing them from coming undone. The Shrimp Stratum is designed to be a lot smaller in diameter. This is to benefit cherry shrimp as they like to play around with the substrate. The assumption is if you have a cherry shrimp tank you are growing more mosses than rooted plants.

Which One Should I Buy?

Many will tell you it really doesn't matter. The bottom line is both are currently the same price and both do the job of providing nutrients to your aquarium better than almost anything available. The color of the black substrate will also improve the color and complexion of your fish and other aquatic creatures like shrimp.