Best Live Aquarium Plants

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Do Moss Balls Really Work?

That all depends on what you want. Here's some things that Moss Balls do really well for your aquarium...

They are Entertaining

In most aquariums across North America, all you will see are boring plastic pirates with bubblers and ceramic castles, maybe a few neon plastic plants. Snooze! Moss balls are a live living plant that actually work in the tank and live in the tank.

They will change size, they will go up and down, and they will even move around. They are growing, adapting, and cleaning your tank and its water. Few people have them and many people will be impressed that you have them. Want a great story to tell?

They are an Activity for your Fish and Aquatic Creatures

One of the most pleasing things to see in an aquarium is when the fish and other creatures are having a great time without all of the excitement of their natural environment. As a tank keeper I am always trying to find ways to make things more natural in my tanks. I hate artificial layouts and dull and unhappy sea life.

Adding moss balls to the tank gives your creatures (in my case neon tetras, shrimps) something fun to play with. The tetras will brush against them for a massage. The snails will push them around as they place their suction all over them, and my shrimp will attempt to make games out of them though I am doubtful if they are winning their games. It's always entertaining.

They are a Natural Filter

Natural filters in enclosed and artificial environments are always helpful. They will reduce the frequency and expenses in changing out filters and water (though you should still be doing that). You should notice a cleaner water that is much less cloudy than before the moss balls were living in your tank.

They are Affordable

Moss balls are actually reasonably priced for what they do and where they come from. Many are shipped in from Asia and responsibly harvested from the wild. They are abundant in their natural habitats. To get a live, underwater plant delivered from so far at such reasonable prices is quite pleasing for this hobby.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another Beautiful Woman Shows you How to Clean a Fish Tank

Wow! A Gorgeous Woman Cleaning her Home Aquarium. Watch and take Notes!!!

Here are my Notes:

It's obvious from the video that her tank is way too dirty. The comments section also agrees and that the tank should not have to be cleaned that often. Less feeding an better quality filters that are fitted properly and installed properly will take care of that problem.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Common Questions about Fluval Fish Tanks Answered Before Buying

Are the Lights Strong Enough to Grow Plants?

This one is a toss up. Typically LEDs appear to not provide enough light for growing plants. Actually though for grow rooms and seed starting for gardens they are more than enough. The same is true for the tank as long as tall plants are not competing with shorter plants. Also keep in mind that where you place the tank makes a big impact. If it's in a living room with large windows the LED lights won't matter. Your plants will grow fast! Java ferns and mosses will thrive from the LED.

Fluval Shui is one of the newest, sexiest models of fish tank. Most of these questions are best answered applying to this model, but also apply to six and ten gallon models. Click the photo above for more reviews. Turning on/off the LED lights

The LED lights are a really nice touch on these aquarium. Typically fish tanks use compact fluorescent lights. These are more energy efficient and save a lot of money. Often there is also the option of choosing a specific LED color, though that is dependent on which model you choose.

Is the Waterfall and Filter Good Enough?

The waterfall or fountain at the top of Fluval tanks is attached to the filter and comes with all models. You do not need to buy it separately. Many reviews agree that Betta and Guppies love the waterfall effect and that the filter is more than efficient for their needs. The two are attached and should not be turned off unless necessary.

Does the Tank have to be Plugged in to Work?

In order for the filter to work it has to be plugged in at all times. The lighting is optional with the flick of a switch. Most filters have to be on at all times, though they are not huge energy hogs. It is completely safe to have an aquarium plugged in 24/7. If you wanted though you could plug the tank into a timer on the wall, allowing you to have it on for only certain hours of the day.

What Material are Fluval Tanks Made of?

All of the Fluval tanks I have ever had (3 now) are made of glass. They feel lightweight for how impressive they look and I almost thought they were made of plastic at first.

Do Fluval Tanks Come with Stones, Substrate, and Plants?

No, all of the Fluval models on the market now are the basic build of the tank, filter, and lighting unit. Substrate or stones and plants are bought separately. I recommend some nice centerpiece rocks and/or driftwood. It will really make a dramatic look. Shrimp or plant stratum with their charchol black color look amazing with Bettas!

How do I Clean the Filter?

There is no cleaning necessary. Like most tanks it is simply buying and replacing dirty pads with disposable filter pads. These can be bought online with the order or at most big box stores.

What Kind of Noise Does this Tank Make?

Unlike many cheaper tanks this one is nice and quiet. It reminds me of one of those relaxing water fixtures you see at a doctors office waiting room with water trickling from the top of a rock, landing in a reservoir, and then repeating at the top. If it is filled to the top there will be absolutely no noise. If you want a little sound from the splashing of water, less water will solve that problem.

Will I need a Heater with this Tank?

Fluval tanks do not come with heaters so it is recommended to buy an external heater. These are affordable, often one-time purchases. They attach via suction cups on the inside of the aquarium. Choose the appropriate heater for the appropriate size listed on the heater. Just about every tank should have one.

How much does the Fluval Weigh when Filled with Water?

On the smallest models it looks like right around 50 lbs. On the larger models it's over 70 lbs. I never advocate moving around a tank that is full of water. It is dangerous for the person and the contents of the aquarium. Though the question is important because sometimes you need to know how much the unit will weigh and whether or not your table, desk, or stand can hold the weight. Check your support for 100 lbs and you will have more than enough to hold a full tank.